When Mikey Buble Tour Trolled a World Tour Trolls

When Mike-B buble came into his own as an underground rock star in the 1990s, fans couldn’t help but wonder whether his stage name would be something other than “the best of the best”. 

In his own words, “The best of [Mikey Bubles]”, as in “the fucking best”.

That’s when the Trolls, who are based in Australia, decided to troll the tour.

“I was going to put up the tour posters and call the bands on the tour, and I had this idea of what I wanted to do.

And I just started getting people to go along with it,” says Buble, now 81.”

It was quite easy.

I had just got into music, I’d had a couple of hits and a few singles and was working with some friends in my garage.

I wasn’t getting a lot of gigs but I was getting a bit of exposure and I was starting to get noticed, so I decided I would put up a lot more posters and try and get people to come along.”

That meant posting a poster on Twitter, but also posting a photo of himself in a cowboy hat, shirt and tie.

“People were saying, ‘I can’t believe you’re actually wearing this,’ but I thought it would be funny,” he says.

“And then I started getting a little bit of money from a couple gigs and a bit more people signing up, so then I thought, ‘Well, why not get a tour of the world?'”

“And so, you know, I just put up posters, you’ve seen them, I put them up on the internet.

And that was it.”

And then, when the trolls went out for the tour last year, they got a bit lucky.

The tour was a success.

But the Troll Tourers, who have a strong social media presence, are now planning another trip to tour the US, Canada and Australia in 2016.

“When the trolls go out on tour, they get a little boost and they go and do their thing,” Buble says.

“But we don’t want to go out and do nothing.”

“The best thing about being a troll is you get a bit in the way of people, which is good.

It’s nice to be around people.”

But being in the public eye has its own challenges.

“In the UK, they have a lot better laws about what can and can’t be said on the radio and so on,” he explains.

“So if you have an internet troll, you’re doing something wrong, you might get arrested.

It depends on the law.”

The Trolls are working with the BBC to try and educate fans on how to deal with trolls.

“If we want to keep going on, it will just be harder,” Bubles says.

For now, he and his family are enjoying the attention, which has come at a time when they’re trying to look after their elderly parents.

“They have dementia, they’ve had Alzheimer’s, they’re really frail.

They’ve got cancer and it’s not just about my family,” he adds.”

But the whole thing just keeps getting bigger and bigger, so hopefully I’ll get a few more years out of it.”

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