Robert Waters tour of Nevada university draws controversy

Nevada University has cancelled its tour of the state’s university, after several students staged a sit-in outside the school’s headquarters demanding that it cancel Waters lecture.

A number of students, who are not affiliated with the university, gathered outside the main gates at the university’s campus in Nevad, Nevelly in the country’s north.

The students carried banners that read ‘No water, no water, we are not prisoners’ and ‘We are not in prison’.

A group of around 40 students staged the sit-ins in protest against the lecture by Waters, a well-known Indian environmental activist.

Waters has been on a global tour of India and the United States, and has been criticised for his controversial views on climate change and the human impact of industrialisation.

He is the founder of the environmental group the Centre for Biological Diversity, which is protesting the introduction of a carbon tax by the Indian government.

Waters’ lecture at the University of Nevadad on Wednesday night was organised by the student group the Students of the Environment.

The group organised the sit down after Waters said it was ‘ridiculous’ to believe that the university could hold such a lecture without a permit.

Waters, who has been accused of being an environmentalist, has been invited to lecture at another university in India, the University and College of Technology in Lucknow, but he has been barred from doing so because of the sit in at the Nevad University.

A spokesman for the university told the Huffington Post that the cancellation of Waters lecture was taken at the request of the students.

“It was a decision taken on the basis of concerns about the speaker’s views on water resources and human rights,” the spokesman said.

The Nevad government has also announced that it will not grant Waters’ permit for a lecture on Tuesday, which will be the university venue.

The students are demanding that Waters lecture be cancelled and the government’s decision be reversed, saying that water is life and water is their rights.

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