Tour edge golf: ‘I think we are going to be the big winner of this year’

NEW ORLEANS (AP) Tour edge Golf, the country’s only national golf tour, said Thursday it is doubling down on its season, hoping to win back the hearts of customers who have been disillusioned by the cancellations.

The Tour is not giving up on its core business of touring the country and has announced plans to bring in new staff, increase its marketing efforts and expand its golf tournament footprint to more cities.

The tour said it is also taking steps to create a sustainable golf industry.

Tour Edge said it will expand its tour-in-waiting program with a major focus on promoting a national championship for the sport, which was cut by the tour last year.

It will be open for the first time this year and will have a limited number of players in the field.

Tour edge said it plans to increase its tour marketing efforts with a national tour championship for golf, which wasn’t a priority last year when it was cut.

The company said it also plans to work with the tour to make the sport more accessible to more people, including opening the door to people with disabilities.

TourEdge said it would spend more time with its employees to develop a more inclusive and welcoming culture.

Tour edges first-class, all-inclusive golf tournament is being expanded with the addition of a new, all inclusive club, opening to more clubs in the next two months.

It has also hired a new executive director and hired a sports marketing director to help it reach its goal of reaching 30 million golfers by 2020.

Tour edged said the tour will hold its annual convention in Fort Sumter, South Carolina, from June 4 to 11, with the theme “Filling the Minds.”

The tour is looking to expand into cities across the U.S. and is also expanding its Tour Edge Golf Challenge program to expand the competition into the U,K., Ireland and Germany.

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