How to make your own ‘booty tour’

This week, we’ll be talking about how to create your own booty tour and how you can share your own tour with your friends and family.

We’ll be going over the basic steps and how to organise your own party.

First up, let’s go over the basics of how to start making your own “booty” tour.

The Basics of Booty Tour Creating Your Own Booty Tourney First, you need a few basic supplies: a tent, a camera, and a set of tools (a few small wooden sticks, a small tripod and a few water bottles).

We’re going to use this setup to make a booty demo tour.

You’ll need a camera (or a tripod) for this tour, as it will be used to record the show, and for the recording of your own voice-over.

If you have a webcam, you can also use that as well.

If your camera can’t record a video, you’ll need to record it on a digital camera.

You can get a digital camcorder or similar from Amazon.

Once you’ve got everything you need, it’s time to put it together.

First, we need to find a tent.

It’s a bit of a hassle to make one, but it’s easy to do.

Pick a small space to set up your tent.

Next, you might want to make sure your tent is big enough.

If the tent is smaller than you need to be, it will probably take more space to put the tent in.

If it’s bigger than you’re comfortable with, you may want to consider buying some extra tents, but we’ll get to that later.

Now that you’ve picked a space, it is time to start assembling your tent!

We’re only going to talk about the basic parts of making a tent for the tour, so let’s skip over those.

First you’ll want to drill holes into the outside of the tent.

The best way to do this is to get a bit big, then get some glue.

You don’t need to do it exactly like this, just so you don’t break it.

You’re going for about 1mm.

Next you’re going a bit bigger, so you can attach a piece of tape to the inside of the bag, to hold it in place.

You should also have some glue in the middle of the hole, so that when you put tape over the holes, it won’t go through the glue.

Now, let me tell you about some of the most important things to remember before you go any further.

Don’t try to hold the bag in place with glue.

If this happens, you won’t be able to put any glue over the hole.

Instead, just stick the tape over it and pull it up so that it won, in fact, stick to the hole and not slip off.

When you put glue over a hole, you should still have some tape over there.

The glue will stick, but the tape will still be there, holding the bag down.

If glue doesn’t stick, you could use some tape to hold up the bag as well, but you may end up breaking the bag.

You could also try using a cheap piece of cardboard or some paper to hold your bag in the hole (this will also be easier to hold if you can get glue on it, but be careful not to tear the paper).

If you’re lucky enough to have a cheap pair of shoes, you don�t need to worry about getting them wet.

We’re not going to be doing a lot of talking on how to wear shoes, as they’re cheap and they don’t last too long.

The only thing you really need to remember is that when a tent is made, the outside needs to be sturdy.

If a tent starts to fall apart, the glue will not stick to it.

That means you have to make it up again.

In our case, we used a cheap cardboard tent, which was made out of some cheap cardboard, and was going to stick to our tent.

We were going to have to get some new tents, and we wanted to make them to last.

We also wanted them to be easy to tear, so we decided to use cheap cardboard that was just going to fall down, and it would be the easiest tent to tear.

To make the tent, we cut up the cardboard, sanded it down, cut it up in half and glued it all together.

You want to glue the two halves together, and then cut up your cardboard and sand it down so that the sides of the cardboard look like they’re connected by glue.

Once the glue is glued to the cardboard and the sides look like the sides are connected, you’re ready to start cutting the cardboard up.

Make sure to get the corners cut in, as you don´t want to tear your cardboard down.

Now you’re cutting the corners, you want to keep the corners in line, but not so tight that they are bent. Cut

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