How to get a tour of Charleston’s ghosts

When the Charleston ghost tours began in 2012, the city was under a state of emergency due to a massive flooding.

But with so much flooding, the area had to be rebuilt.

The tour company, which started out in 2013, expanded into an entire tour company.

Now, they’re touring the ghost of the city’s former leader, Benjamin Harrison, who was a major figure in the Confederacy during the American Civil War.

The tour company said the tours have sold out in recent years, and they’ve expanded into a full tour company that now tours the city for more than a decade.

They’ve even toured the White House and the Capitol.

But the company is still looking for a place to set up their first tour.

“We just got a call from one of the most famous people in Charleston, and he’s very excited to be doing it,” said Paul Eberhart, the president of the Charleston Ghost Tours.

“He said that they’re going to get to see him for the first time.”

This tour is the first of its kind, and it takes place in a former Confederate prison in South Carolina.

The tours include some historical documents and even some items of clothing that were in the prison, but the most striking item is the headdress of the former Confederate general.

“It’s the first headdress that has been worn in public in the South since the Civil War,” Eberhard said.

The headdress was worn by Confederate President Jefferson Davis, and the head of his family, James Davis, who served as a governor, was on the crest.

“The Confederate flag that we had in our flagpole at the time, that had a red star on it, that was part of our flag,” Ebers said.

“And it was just so iconic to the Confederate flag.

The headdress is a very big part of what we know of that history.”

The headdresses have become a symbol of Confederate pride in the city, and Eberhardt said it was a special experience to go through it.

As the tour begins, Eberharts wife is standing by the door, waiting for the tour to begin. “

When you see this headdress, and you know that you are wearing that headdress and you’re going into that prison to see it, and when you see the history that’s being represented there, that is something that really speaks to the pride and the pride of our people,” he said.

As the tour begins, Eberharts wife is standing by the door, waiting for the tour to begin.

“So I’m standing in the hallway, looking at the ceiling, and I’m thinking to myself, oh my God, this is it.

I’m going to take a few minutes to take the photos and I’ll be sure to post them to Instagram.

I’ve got a couple more to take in, but I’m so happy to have you there,” he says.

The tours are meant to give people a chance to see the area that’s still haunted by the war.

“That’s why we have all the historical documents,” Ebrhart said.

He said it’s also about getting people to learn about the history.

“The South’s a beautiful place.

It’s a really interesting place,” Ebert said.

I think that’s why people are attracted to the tourism.

“Charleston has been a real destination for a long time, but this is a really big, huge part of it,” he added.

Eberheds wife is not sure if they’ll make it back to Charleston this year.

“If I do get back to this town, I’ll miss a lot of history,” he told the crowd.

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