Which horse has the biggest heart?

From horse to dog, from horse to cat, from animal to human, the animals in our world can be just as important as the humans they share them with.

But the people they visit, and the animals they play with, are just as valuable too.

That’s what Australian touring horse and dog owners are finding out as they try to make the most of their favourite animals.

“I think we’re all human-centered people, that’s why we go out there,” said Tony Cottle.

“When we get to a certain age, we stop and think about ourselves and what we’ve accomplished, and if we don’t make a difference, we can’t be happy.”

And it’s not just the animals that are valued in these tours.

“The people are the biggest, the dogs are the greatest, the horses are the absolute best,” said Joe Cottre.

But there are some who aren’t so convinced.

“Horses are really great, they’re gentle animals,” said John Kewley.

“But when you get into those horse shows, they have some of the most vicious horses on the planet.”

But it’s a debate that’s bubbling away in the Australian capital.

And it has taken on a life of its own.

In the past few years, Australian horse and horse owners have been coming up with innovative ways to bring animals into their homes, like a dog in a wheelchair, and a horse in a crate.

“They can do the walking, the riding, the running,” said Kevin Meehan.

“So I would say the horse, it can’t do anything,” said Steve Geddes.

“That’s why I just don’t like it.”

But when it comes to the horse and the dog, there are more than a few reasons why it might be a good idea to put them in a harness.

“You can go in and just let the horse do the talking, you can have the horse sit down on the ground and just be the horse,” said Tom Smith.

“It’s a great experience, and it helps the animal to be a bit more calm.”

But not all owners are convinced.

And some are taking the advice of animal trainers and the horses they own to heart.

“A lot of the horses, they just can’t handle the stress,” said Rob Taggart.

“And so we do it in the back of the house, just in a small area where we can have them walk and play.

So they’re not in the house all day long, they don’t have to be chained up for days on end.””

It doesn’t really do anything for the horse because they’re just so exhausted and it’s very hard to move,” said Mark Mackey.”

There’s a lot of stress and it just creates more stress for the animal.”

So how do you decide which animals are best for your home?

And what’s the best way to go about bringing the animal into your home with you?

Here’s how to choose the best for each situation:How to choose an animal to bring to your homeGuide to choosing an animal for your backyardIf you have any questions, contact a live animal trainer.

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