How to get to the top of the world with the yellowstone snowmobiler guide

When I was younger, I’d take a yellowstone winter tour of the red rock canyon of Yellowstone National Park.

My parents would take me on their yellowstone mountaineering adventures to the summit of the famous Red Rock.

I always loved the idea of going down there and taking the peak, but there were some very strict rules.

The mountain was closed to the public in May.

So I had to find a way to get there.

This was the first time in 20 years that I’d ever done a yellowstones winter tour.

It was an amazing adventure, and it was all about the climbing.

You’re climbing down the mountain, looking up, and you’re thinking, I’ve got to climb this thing!

I’d always dreamed of climbing Mount Red Rock for the past 25 years.

That’s when my parents decided to let me climb the peak of Red Rock, and I knew I had a really cool plan.

I knew the route up there was super long.

My dad was so proud of me.

I’d never done a snowmobile tour of Yellowstone before.

He had a mountain bike with him, so he brought a snowmobiling buddy along.

We were going from the base of Redrock to the very top.

He would do all the riding up there, and me.

It was the most fun I’d had in a long time.

So, when I got up there on that day in May, it was just a huge relief.

Yellowstone is such a beautiful place.

But that day, the most thrilling part of it was the ascent up the mountain.

I had so much fun with it.

On the day that I climbed Red Rock I had never climbed a snowmountain in my life.

I was the only one who’d ever been on a snowmobiles mountain bike.

When I climbed the mountain it was completely silent.

I didn’t know anybody up there.

I never thought of climbing anything.

A snowmobile rides on a mountain, then goes back down the slope to the base where the mountain bike is parked.

This is where the rider climbs the mountain and lands at the base.

It’s a great day to do it.

This was my first snowmobile experience.

And this was my last one.

There was a snowstorm.

I spent most of the day waiting for the weather to improve.

In the morning the sun was shining and the temperature was cold, so I knew that I could do this.

For the next five hours I was doing everything I could to keep the heat off my face.

By the time I got to the end of the climb, the temperature had dropped to -10C.

The winds were blowing really hard.

Then, as I approached the base, the wind stopped and the sun came up, showing that I had reached the top.

I saw the summit and it felt amazing.

At the top, I saw people standing on the summit with flags waving, and people were coming up to say thank you.

It felt like I was there for the first and only time.

It gave me goosebumps.

People are standing on Red Rock’s summit, and they’re all celebrating the summit’s significance.

All I could think about was, I’m going to have to climb up that mountain.

If I ever want to get back down there, I need to go on this mountain.

And then I need my snowmobilers.

Mount Red Rock is a special place, and this was the best way to go.

Red Rock is the second highest mountain in Yellowstone National park, after Mount St. Helens.

To climb Red Rock requires two days of climbing in one day.

After the ascent, you can park at a ranger station for an overnight tour.

Then you can go back up to the car, park at the ranger station again, and hike the mountain all over again.

Once you’ve done the mountain part, you get a certificate from the park that shows you’ve been able to do the mountain at a reasonable pace.

The mountain is a very steep, difficult climb.

Some people don’t have the time to do this mountain, but I would never go anywhere without a snowshoe.

What I liked most about Red Rock was that it was such a magical place.

It has such a big, beautiful, and diverse view of the surrounding mountains and valleys.

Everyone I talked to up there said that it’s like an incredible, magical place that you have to visit often.

Just being up there with the mountains, you’re on a different level.

It feels like you’re really in the mountains.

Everything is so beautiful up there and so many people are doing it, but they don’t really know what to do.

It just feels amazing.

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