Vegas tourist takes down the ‘touros’

VEGAS — The man who took down the “tourotas” has become a viral sensation.

The man behind the viral “tourist-only” motorcycle tour, named Toni, took the wraps off his tour on Monday.

It was the same tour that brought the world a glimpse into the inner workings of the Las Vegas Motorcycle Museum, an exhibit on the history of the motorcycling scene and a ride to the Grand Canyon.

The “trouser-only tour” will run from Monday through Thursday from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m., and will feature a stop at the Grand Teton National Park.

It’s a rare chance for a tour guide to take down a motorcycle, but Toni said he had never thought he would be able to do it.

It started in 2010 with his first visit to Las Vegas.

He’s a Las Vegas resident and has traveled all over the world.

Toni said the tour was about educating the public and getting them to see motorcycles as people.

“They’re not toys,” he said.

“They are people.”

Toni’s “tours” have become so popular that his website has more than 3 million hits.

Tour guides, celebrities and other people are on the tour.

A number of celebrities, including “Dancing with the Stars” judge Debbie Harry, have joined him on his tour.

He said the show is also about getting people out and seeing how motorcycles can change lives.

The tour is a “great chance to share our passion with the world,” Toni told CNN.

The motorcyclist, who’s also a professor at the University of California, Riverside, said he wants to teach people about motorcycles and how to drive.

The Las Vegas area has been known as the Motorcycle Capital of the World.

Tourists from all over have been coming to see Toni and his “touring” ride.

Tons of people have signed up to be on his “Touro” tour, he said, including many people who are now expecting to get married in the near future.

Tour guide Mike Tullo said people have been taking their motorcycles off tour to take pictures of him, and that it has been a good experience.

The public is enjoying the tour, Tullos said.

“People are happy to see the world, they are happy, and they are really happy that they have the opportunity to experience the world of motorcycles for themselves,” he told CNN affiliate KGTV.

The Motorcycle Tour Tour is a unique way to showcase motorcycles, which has made it a popular way to get people to see and learn more about motorcycles.

Tour experts say the “TOURO” tour is popular because it’s a chance for people to go out on their own and learn about motorcycles for the first time.

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