Tyler Childers tours with the 3D House Tour

Tyler Childer, the “Travis” singer and lead singer of the Tyler, The Creator hip-hop group, has announced that he is set to tour with the “3D House” group.

The tour will kick off in late September with a show in Austin, Texas.

The “3d house” tour is a collection of live performances that Childers co-wrote with producers Brian Fallon and Jody Stephens, and includes performances with the rapper’s son, Tyler, and his wife, Shonda Rhimes, and others.

The tours will also include a guest appearance from the rapper himself, who will perform live.

In addition to Childers, the tour will feature artists like Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Rick Ross, and Big Sean, as well as a number of local acts.

“TLSHADOW: Tyler Childs’ tour with 3D HOUSE will kick-off in late Sept. with a set at the SXSW Music Festival in Austin Texas,” reads the release from the tour’s Facebook page.

“In addition to a full house, Tyler will perform at a number live events, including Austin’s SXSW and Austin’s Austin City Limits.

There will be plenty of live music in between, too, including Tyler performing his song ‘Candy’ with J.

Cole and BigSean at Austin’s Club Del Rio.

You’ll also be able to catch Tyler performing live at Austin City Music Hall in Austin.

Tyler Childes tour kicks off in September with an Austin show at SXSW, where he will perform in front of the audience and a DJ, and in October with his tour opener in Austin City.

The Texas-based hip-hopper will also release his sophomore album, “A Bit Of A Fool,” later this year.

Childers will join Tyler, the Creator, as a special guest at SXA 2017, which kicks off September 25 in Austin and features acts like the Black Keys, Big Sean and Lil Wayne.

You can follow the tour on the tour website.

–Follow Josh King on Twitter: @joshkingsports

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