How to watch the Grand Tour – the best of the best

One of the most famous events in Australia is coming to a close.

The Grand Tour, which started in 2009, has been the most popular touring event in the country and has been voted the most exciting show in Australia in 2016.

The grand tour is run by the Australian Touring Car Federation (ATCF), which means it can be a bit intimidating for newcomers to the sport.

It’s not a show that’s for everyone, and some people are more suited to it than others.

In fact, there are a lot of different ways to watch it.

The ATCF’s main competition is the Australian Motorcycle Show (AMS), which is run on a Sunday morning, but the Grand Tours can also be seen on Saturday evenings, and the race in Queensland is also a big event.

Here’s everything you need to know about watching the Grand Prix in Australia.

When to watch It’s hard to choose the best time to watch an Australian Grand Prix because you don’t have to wait for it to start to get to you.

Instead, it’s best to get out there early and catch the action as it unfolds on the track.

The Australian Grand Tour runs from 10pm on Saturday until 5am on Sunday, so you can’t miss it.

On average, the races run from 3.6 hours and 50 minutes to 5.3 hours and 59 minutes.

The first race starts at 5.30pm and the final race at 5:30am.

The best time is usually around 7:30pm, but you can usually catch the first 10 minutes of the race if you’re on a Friday night.

Some races can last until 6:00am or 6:30a.m.

Most of the races are on a flat track.

You can catch the last few minutes of a race if it’s in a slow down area.

The racing can be extremely technical, but it can also go quite smoothly and the drivers can be very skilled.

The cars are usually fairly fast, and they’re often more than a lap away from the finish.

However, you should be aware that it’s more difficult to overtake in Australian Grand Tours because of the different rules for overtaking.

Overtaking rules on a race track The overtaking rules for a race are different to those in the UK, and that means there are different rules to follow.

Overtakes are allowed in Australian GP tracks, but not in the US, where overtaking is allowed.

Overtaken cars have to stay in the race until the time limit has passed.

However there is no overtaking limit in Australian Tourist and Grand Prix circuits, and overtaking can happen even if the cars are going slowly.

If the overtaking car gets out of the car in front of you, you’re allowed to overtake.

The overtaker must keep the other cars in line.

However if you don´t overtake them, they have to go straight ahead.

Overtakers have to move ahead of the overtakers and don´s car must follow them to the finish line.

If a car is overtaken by another car, the overtaker has to move the car away from you before overtaking it.

It doesn´t matter if it is a race, a race course, a track, or a street, the cars have the right to overtake you even if you were going slowly in front.

Overtake restrictions on race track It’s always good to be aware of the rules and how they work.

Some tracks are designed to be a lot more difficult for overtakers than others, and it’s always a good idea to get as much practice as possible.

You’ll have to learn from the best drivers on the circuit to get the most out of your car.

Most drivers will be very fast, but there are some that are not.

This means you should try and make sure that you know your limitations and try to avoid overtaking any driver who is too fast.

If you get caught overtaking a driver who has the right of way, you will be fined up to $500 and you will also be penalised by your team for the number of overtakes you have made.

It is also possible to get caught racing in the wrong lane and it can cost you up to a maximum of $500 if you get into a crash.

Overtaker restrictions on circuit The circuit itself is always very challenging for drivers, and there are rules that are different on every circuit in Australia, from the track itself to the speed limits.

There are also various types of traffic and traffic lights that can affect how you can race and get in and out of a car.

The biggest rule that applies to all circuits in Australia and all Australian Grand and Touring cars is that overtaking cannot be allowed at any intersection, whether it is at a red light, a red stop sign, or any other sign.

There is a maximum speed limit of 60km/h on all Australian GP circuits and that’s not including the chicanes.

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