Month: June 2021

Which country tours have the most airboats?

#3 on the list is #1, but there’s more than one way to rank these things.It’s also possible to rank countries by their airboat capacity, which is usually the most valuable metric when comparing tours to one another.In the chart below, I’ve sorted the countries by airboat size, which has a strong correlation with the […]

When Slipknot Tour of Duty, Slipknt Tour of Booty, and Flw Tour of duty are out

Slipknt’s tour of duty has officially ended.The band’s new album, titled Booty , has been released.Slipknowd, Slipping, Slippin, and the rest of the band will tour the US, Canada, and Europe starting in April. Their first North American tour, which will be the first of a new album tour, will kick off in late April. They’ve also […]

When Will You Be Back? 5 Reasons to Remember You When You’re Dead

Now that the Summer Olympics are over, we’re all about celebrating the past with our favorite past-times and special moments.But there’s a new game out there that’s giving us an excuse to remember the past even more.If you’ve never played the virtual college tour championship in PGA Tour history, it’s a tour of college basketball […]

La tour de Perillo 2020, the best tour of the year, by UK tour operators

Tour operators across Europe are all eyeing the future of their business model in 2020 and the future for their business in 2025, and they are doing so in a new way.Here are the top tour operators of the future, according to the most recent Tour Operators Conference report, published today.1.Perillo Tours, which is planning […]

How to live out your fantasy tour with the ultimate touring motorcycle

BOB DYLAN TOUR has won the hearts of many a motorcycling enthusiast with its incredible riding experience, and now it is heading to the big city to play host to a massive tour of the city’s landmarks and historic sites.The tour will start in New York and travel through the United States and Canada to […]

스폰서 파트너

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